Want to find out were to see us next?
This page lists upcoming gigs, concerts and other events that we participate in.
NB: Please contact us if you require additional info or like to book us for your events.

October Gig List 2018
Sat.6th:- Teviot Row House ,Underground Night Club Edinburgh , 6.30pm - 9pm , Gig for the Yes Campaign.
Sat. 27th:- Clachaig Inn , Glencoe , 9pm- 11.30pm
Sun. 28th:- Canal Inn , Camelon , 4pm - 7pm.
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November Gig List 2018
Fri. 30th:- Clippens Inn , Linwood , 9pm - Mdnt. St. Andrews Day Celebrations.
last modified 24/06/2018 13:33
December Gigs 2018
Sat.1st:- Chillers Lounge , Ice Factor , Kinlochleven:- 9.30 - 12.30.
Mon. 31st {Auld Year's Night} , Stagecoach Inn , Cairndow , Argyll , 9pm - 2019 and a wee bit more.
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